About wait(er)

Have you ever wondered about the people serving you your food, your coffee or your adult beverage?
For .99 an issue, you can find out!

As I am one of them, I know first hand that the service industry is a mix of so many types of people. Some are just using the job as a gap filler, some are artists and need the job to support themselves and some are careerists who do it for the love of it. wait(er) Magazine is a place for anyone with a story to tell about their time working in the front of the house.

We’re always looking for unique stories so if you feel you have one to share, please pitch us! We only ask a few things:
One, that the story be truthful. it be honest,
Two, send us a pitch with some links to your writing (non-professional writers encouraged!)
Three, no vitriol of revenge pieces. A little snark is fine.

Just fill the form out below and drop us a line.


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